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Mickey Mouse Eggs for Breakfast

Getting my kids to eat beakfast in the morning is a challenge. They either want junk or say they aren’t hungry at all. Making breakfast fun, but healthy, is top on my list. [...]

Paleo Brownies

I started a six week Paleo Challenge as part of the Cross Fit box I joined. It’s Day six and I’m already having significant sugar cravings. Since sugar, along [...]

The Stick Review

If you run distances of any length, you should get The Stick. The Stick is a great self-massage tool and can relieve muscle tension. Is it for you? Check out my review to [...]

Tips for a night race

I’m running the Walt Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon this Saturday, November 7 with two of my buddies. I am so excited, and a little nervous…. I’ve run three [...]
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