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UPDATE on Products Used! Summer Fab, Fit, Fun Box Review

I LOVE getting surprises in the mail and there is no better surprise than the Fab, Fit, Fun seasonal boxes.

Check out my review of the Summer Fab, Fit, Fun box review. I do NOT receive any compensation or benefits from reviewing Fab, Fit, Fun. I do NOT have any affiliate links in this post. I just review and give you my HONEST opinion without any monetization.

The summer box is chock-full of goodies that I’ve actually used. I received this box back in July, and I have to say, when I originally opened the box, I wasn’t that impressed, but I’ve used almost everything in this box and unexpectedly, LOVED it! Check out the vid and review(s).

OK, so the Michael Stars Scarf/Sarong…originally HATED the color (orange and brown) and thought I wouldn’t wear it. BUT, I actually ended up wearing this multiple times already. I wore it to Disney’s The Little Mermaid play at Blumenthal that Emily and I went to together, I wore it to a professional development conference, I wore it at the beach and I bring it with me on the days that start cool and end hot. I love it. It’s lightweight and it can wrap around to be a scarf, sarong or light shawl.

The Cargo HD Bronzer…was super skeptical, but it is probably one of the best highlighters/bronzers I’ve used. It gives a great color without being overwhelming. The color works great…not too dark, not too light. I actually dropped it, so now it’s broken up in a million pieces, but it still works great.

The Kris Nations necklace…LOVE! I’m now wearing it everyday. I do NOT normally like jewelry, so I’m really suprised at how much I love this. I think I love it so much because it works great for work and for fun. It isn’t too bulky, so it doesn’t get in the way when I run.

I have not used the MyBKR glass water bottle. Is it just me, or are the glass water bottles a bad idea? I mean, I can’t use it while running, I’m too nervous to bring it to the gym, you can’t have glass containers at the pool…I mean, where am I supposed to use this? It’s too big for my cupholder in the car. My daugher used it for a bit, but then stopped because it wasn’t conveinent.


I used the Avene sunscreen, and what I love about it, is that it goes on smoothly. It went on like a nice lightweight lotion and absorbed quickly. So, at first I was like, I LOVE this! But then, I was at the pool and it began melting into my eyes, and it stung so bad I had to leave the pool, go back to the hotel room and wash my entire face. I tried just blotting my face and eyes with the towel, but it wouldn’t stop the sting. That’s my main problem with sunscreen for the face. I know it’s needed, but can’t they make one that doesn’t drip into the eyes and sting?

Here is a pic of me wearing the sunscreen at the beach. I’m happy b/c this is before it dripped in my eyes (LOL).


I have not used the eyecream or dry shampoo yet (although ironically the dry shampoo is what I would use the most). I used my Amy Tangerine Art Canvas that day! I love painting and so do my kiddos, so we had a blast with this. Here is a pic of Stitch I painted using the canvas.



This box was originally dissappointing, but I ended up loving it! How ironic! And…it motivated me to upgrade my subscription to annual so I could pick my own colors. I mean what is the point of getting the awesome stuff, but then hating the colors? I was hesitant becauase I DO like being surprised. But, in the end, I’d much rather be able to pick what I want.


Do you subscribe to Fab, Fit, Fun? Do you like it? Which has been your favorite box?



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