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Fab, Fit, Fun Fall Box Review!

Oh. My. Gosh! The Fall Fab, Fit, Fun box is my absolutely favorite I’ve ever received!! The box this month was chock-full of surprises and had clothing, accessories, [...]

The Stick Review

If you run distances of any length, you should get The Stick. The Stick is a great self-massage tool and can relieve muscle tension. Is it for you? Check out my review to [...]

Foam Roller Review

Have you used a foam roller? If you run long distances, you should definitely invest in a good foam roller. I bought mine from Amazon. They sell the super firm foam rollers, [...]

Weight Lifting Gloves Review

Looking for a pair of weight lifting gloves? Check out my review of the Meister Women’s Grip Weight Lifting Gloves. I’ll give you the scoop on the good, the bad [...]

Running Log Review

A running log can keep you on track with your runs, distance and how you feel. But is a paper running log better than a digital tracker? Check out my review of the [...]
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